The Bathouse
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The Bathouse
Recent Clients include  


The Tragically Hip
Blue Rodeo
Fred Eaglesmith
Sarah Harmer
Bruce McCollough
Lisa Brokop
Ronnie Hawkins
The Mike Plume Band
Chris Brown and Kate Fenner
Colin Amey
Stephen Fearing
Andy Poole and the Canadian Jazz Quartet
The Trevor Finlay Band
The Side Men
Blackie and the Rodeo Kings
Big Wreck
The Mahones
16 Tons
Gordon Downie
By Divine Right
Atlantis Productions
Moxy Fruvous
Night Sun
Amanada Stott
Brent McAthey
The Angry Boy Scouts
Montana Sky
Oh Susanna
Sue Foley
Jeanette O'Keefe
Trish O'Brian
Robert Farrel
Jim Cronk
Terry Tufts
Andrew Walker
Mathew Barber
Pam Gerrand
Mary Lee Massioli
Danny Bakan
Eric Andle
Travel Agent
Alexandra Slate
The Brothers Creegan
The Winefield
Michael George
Andy Stochansky
The Trews
Natalie MacMaster
The Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir
Danny Michel
The Paperboys
Sam Roberts Band
Stripper's Union
James McKenty and the Spades
Kathleen Edwards
The Abrams Brothers
Jay Harris
House Of Doc
Jill Barber
Bruce Cockburn
The Arkells
Cindy Doire
Ladies Of The Canyon
Emily Fennel
Gavin Slate
The Skydiggers
The Divorces
The Sadies
The Treasures
Chris Koster
Miss Emily
Simon Kendall
5 After 4



Steve Berlin
Colin Cripps
Don Dixon
Ken J. Friesen
Bill Garret
Ian Lefeuvre
Colin Linden
Brendan McGuire
Tom McKillip
Craig Northey
Dale Penner
Trina Shoemaker
David Traversmith
Mark Vreeken
Gordon Downie
Paul Lanlgois
Gord Sinclair
Donnell Leahy
Joao Carvalho
Chris Brown
Vince Detritch
Les Cooper
Bob Rock
Christopher Walla
Rob Baker
Johnny Fay

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the Bathouse Recording Studio
The Bathouse Recording Studio